In the year 2357, Humans are fighting a war for their very survival. Jake Skum was born to a tribe of nomadic scavengers on the outskirts of Fairfax, Virginia, and it was decided that he would be sent back in time to warn their ancestors of the terrible fate that was awaiting them in hopes of creating a brighter future… then he found out what beer was and totally forgot what he was supposed to be doing. He ended up living in King George, Virginia, and playing drums in a local bar band, but quickly became disgruntled with their direction. He quit the group, and took with him the group’s Guitarist, Julius, and Bassist, Kris, to start Skumboyz. Somehow, he moved from drums to being the front-man, and no one is really sure how that happened, but it did. Just roll with it. On stage, he usually isn’t, but you’ll remember him anyways because he’ll be slamming against you in the pit when he’s supposed to be singing. Off-stage, he writes a significant portion of the band’s music.

Skumboyz is a Hardcore Punk/Crossover Thrash band formed in November 2015. Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, Skumboyz now rehearses in Richmond, VA.

Skumboyz was conceived in early October 2015 by three friends that would later be known as Jake Skum (ex-BBC, ex-The Donalds), Julius Seizure, and Kris Dickless. At the time, the three were playing in a local bar band that was making little progress, and unhappy with this project, they resolved to start their own band. Something faster. Something heavier. Something skummier.

In November 2015, now armed with little more than a name, the three needed a drummer and recruited local musician Ty Die (ex-Banned Class, ex-LNT) to their ranks. The four had their first practice on November 19th, and played their first show a month later at a local art gallery. With this lineup, the band released the demo “8 Demos And A Basement“, and continued playing all around their hometown until the local police force began to shut down the shows, forcing Skumboyz to find new venues outside of Fredericksburg. As weeks went on, new connections were built all over the region, in particular with the DC and Richmond scenes, spawning the creation of a festival known as Snot Fest, which would bring together bands from the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) and beyond.

Shortly after the first Snot Fest, Ty Die would part ways with the band, and in June 2016, the three would find their missing fourth piece in Maxwell Murder (Pissing Contest, Lounge Lizzard) of Richmond, VA. Skumboyz subsequently relocated to Richmond, and continued to play shows all over the region, strengthening their cult following along the east coast. In February of 2017, the band released their second demo “Get Over It!“, which was featured on Jimmy’s YouTube channel.

Skumboyz, as of June 2017, has began to work on their debut LP, and in August they opened for DRI. Skumboyz subsequently returned to play the main show of Snot Fest 2 in October, and performed at the final Bust Off show, in December 2017, along with Mike Of Doom and Misled Youth.

Influences: Bad Brains, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Children of October, D.R.I., Dead Kennedys, Descendents, G.G. Allin, GBH, The Germs, Misfits, Mötley Crüe, Municipal Waste, The Ramones, T.S.O.L.