Skumboyz is a Virginia based musical ensemble composed of members: Jacob Witter (pseudonym: Jake Skum), Julian Sanchez (pseudonym: Julius Seizure), Christopher Blankenship (pseudonym: Kris Dickless), and Sage Maxwell (pseudonym: Maxwell Murder). Each member holds a 25% stake of ownership and liability in the entity known as Skumboyz, as well as all copyrighted material (such as original compositions, artwork, logos, names, websites and social media profiles, and so forth), and all trademarked material (such as the name Skumboyz, and all stylized versions of it, such as: The Skumboyz, Skum Boyz, etc.).

Skumboyz, as an entity based in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States of America, is bound by all applicable laws. All material released by Skumboyz is under the protection of existing and applicable copyright laws. Any references to existing people or events in any material released by Skumboyz, (including, but not limited to: any and all material that could be constituted as a threat, defamation, inciting violence, obscenity, or libel) are purely fictitious and shall be considered only as satire, and nothing more.